PHPBB Backup & Restore Tutorial

PHPBB3 – backup & restore tutorial (this tutorial should apply to other forum/bbs on mysql)

For this tutorial we will use several methods to backup and restore mysql databases.

Since you are reading this guide and need to back the database then you may already have a running server or have it hosted somewhere, for those who don’t have a server here is some software to get you hosting.

These downloads are for Windows, but the back up process is more or less universal.

Wamp server:

PHPmyAdmin: << this eases MYSQL administration by providing a web interface.

Please Read this tutorial from beginning to end first, I am not any good at writing and tend to write in parallel, so some stuff may apply to you some might not.

• Any forum mods for any forum/s, will molest the database and your forum: most mods aren’t updated or thoroughly tested, this means you will have to install exactly the…

PHPBB Backup & Restore Tutorial


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