Best Twitters to Follow ( the Original List before Twitter had Lists )

You’ve probably wondered who you should follow and where you can find the ones you want to follow…well, it really depends upon your criteria…are you looking for information? What kind of information? Are you looking for people you can talk to? What do you want to talk about?

The sad, but nevertheless, truth of the matter is Twitter is quickly becoming a hot-bed of affiliate links and marketers looking to market their products or services …so if you’re looking to chat it up with someone or bond friendships you really have to dig pretty deep to get through all the crap.

So, we’ve compiled a list of Twitters we have either personally spoke to on Twitter who we find interesting, engaging, friendly, with a good sense of humor, that we feel you must follow if you are looking for people to connect with…or, in some rare cases, Twitters we haven’t spoke to personally but were recommended to be included by others on this list and we checked out their profile, their last 30 posts, their website ( if they have one ) and found that they do qualify by our standards.

These are people who will actually talk with you, engage you, have fun, and are genuinely people you want to and should follow…

Best Twitters to Follow


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